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We are an Ecuadorian family who live in Galapagos since 1995 in the small town of Puerto Ayora. The have witnessed the rapid development of tourism in the last decade. Blanca Marfetán is the chairman of this small business, who in addition to owning the hotel, is a secondary school teacher of Natural Science, she saw reflected her vision to build a quality home accommodation for families who want to live in the comfort of the city and in contact with nature, with an enviable view.

Gabriel Salazar Ruiz, who has worked as a Galapagos National Park Naturalist Guide, is well acquainted with the islands and gladly gives advice to choose your tour. Speaking three languages, Russian, English and Spanish, Gabriel is the manager of Ariana´s Galapagos Hostal.

Our hotel has four floors to provide greater comfort and privacy: Each room has large windows. Ladders provide easy access for adolescents to the Terrace and the neighboring national park attracts land birds on your doorstep, a perfect place to stay for a family during their stay in the Galapagos Islands.

Why stay at Ariana’s Galapagos Hostal?

For people who love the tranquility of naturearianas hotel and access to the city, Ariana´s Galapagos Hostal, it is a perfect opportunity to escape from stress. Our hotel is ocated on the edge of the small town of Puerto Ayora with just eighteen thousand settlers and far from the noisy downtown, where it comes into contact with the protected areas of the Galapagos National Park. From our Forest view suites and terrace, one has a spectacular view of the dry tropical forest, where you can hear the chirping of finches, yellow warblers, flycatchers and Galapagos mockingbirds. One taxi can take you within the perimeter of the city to our hotel for one U.S. dollar. Ten minutes walking from the municipal pier you can get to our hotel. If you take the main road from the municipal pier to the gas station, then take the stadium perimeter road to the right, after 10 blocks you finally get to the Barrio La Cascada. A beautiful three-store yellow building is visible, Ariana´s GALAPAGOS HOSTAL. Taxi service from Itabaca Cannal to our hotel will charge eighteen US dollars, but if you want that somebody will meet you at the airport on the island of Baltra and assist you with the transfer, it will cost $30 for 4 people, is the capacity of the taxi cab. We provide free of charge mountain bike service. Our street is connected to the cycle track circuit, which makes it ideal for people who practice Biking. The cycle track circuit extends along the main avenues of the city and 45 kilometers to the top of the island of Santa Cruz.